Created in 1974 by three friends, Jean-Yves Brancy (bass), Lionel Valinduc (rhythmic and vocal guitar) and Patrick Fourcin (lyrics and sound system), the band Orejona was soon joined by Max Gauvin (solo guitar), Michel Colleter (drums) , percussions) and Remi Berlioz (organ, vocal). Patrick Foulon (manager), Sylvestre Levionnois (saxophone, flute), Veronique Lecoq (ephemeral passage in vocals) and Alain Dupray (vocals) come to reinforce the team for the first concerts in Le Havre and a summer tour in the Alps (Embrun , Crevoux).
Like many bands of the years 1975-80, the course of Orejona will experience turmoil with the departure of musicians (Max, Lionel, Remi, Sylvestre, Vero, Alain) and the arrival of others: Gilles Omont (keyboards), Daniel Lecouvey (guitar), Denis Drieu (Vocals), Gilbert Parthenay (texts and sound system). The band will make a remarkable performance in Paris at the Golf Drouot and stop performing at the end of the 1970s.


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