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This site is for all musicians and amateurs interested in the home studio. Sharing the work of creating and producing music can help each of us reach our goal. This involves the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience feedback. The most important thing is to have fun and go to the end of your possibilities and why not your dreams.  


Compose, write lyrics and put to music is the first step in creation of the musician. This work must be extended by performing a rough model, recording vocal and instrumental parts in a multi-track system. Great freedom to work from home, without coercion of any kind!


Then comes the mixing, which is the art of assigning each instrument the best possible place in the stereophonic space. The final touch, mastering, gives the envelope and relief necessary for your song to compete with commercial titles in terms of sound quality.



It is essential in a home studio to work with other musicians, first to expand your musical universe, the other to share experiences and emotions.

With Lionel Valinduc, I took a new step in computer music and our collaboration result in 3 albums to discover on this site.