It was in Le Havre, the city of Little Bob story, I made my first musical experiences. Anyone who has experienced the decade 1970-80 could be impressed by the emergence of groups, all more original than others. In this area, the Anglo-Saxons had a head start and my tastes led me to the Beatles, Genesis, Supertramp or Yes, while remaining attentive to other styles of music.
We were few to be passionate about music, with a strong desire to participate in the adventure. Soon, the merry drills Bebert, Banane, Nono and Photon (B.B.N & P for close friends) improvised at the back of a garage or in a cellar with makeshift instruments, an old detuned piano, a zinc tub as a bass drum and a spanish guitar, electrified using a record player.


Impressed by the rhythm section of rock groups, I am very drawn to the bass guitar. A little will and a few good encounters later, it is the birth in 1974-75 of the group Orejona around a group of friends gathered for the occasion, with its aficionados to share their tribulations. The progressive rock style of mystical texts background on compositions remind of the influence of bands like Caravan or Ange of Descamps brothers. Some concerts in Le Havre, a visit to Paris (Tremplin of Golf Drouot) and a summer tour in the Alps, eventful, are some of the highlights that I experienced with Orejona.


Early 1980, I joined Fecamp's band, which is not yet called Cecile, for a new adventure: a solid rhythm (2 guitars, a bass and a drummer) in support of texts, melodies and vocals. By the sea, this small town was home to groups very influenced by the music from the west coast of the United States (Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Crosby, Still, Nash & Young ..) Our compositions are affected with music halfway between California and bands from Quebec. The concerts run through our repertoire and in 1984 we recorded a 45 rpm with two titles: “Tête de linotte” and “Simplement” (Studio Frémontel de Conches). The vinyl release was accompanied by a TV clip in the "Rocking chair" show on FR3.

Kig Ar Jazz

Jazz in Brittany where I met musicians in 2019 to share this music with the public. Covers of well-known standards such as How insensitive, Corcovado, Blue Bossa, Autumn leaves and others perhaps less, Doxy, Midnight voyage, Equinox or Moanin ... experiment in progress, temporarily interrupted due to confinement!